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Steampunk Vs. DieselPunk?

If you’re reading this blog, or you read the first post, you probably already have a good idea of what “Steampunk” is defined as.  However, steampunk also has a few “variations” that are similar, but far from the same thing, such as cyberpunk or dieselpunk.

Right now, I’m going to take the time to define what Dieselpunk is, and how it is different than Steampunk.  By no means am I putting down other styles, I just want to make a post discerning the difference, in order to pique various other interests you all may have.

Here’s an example of Dieselpunk:

city in the sky


Now a similar concept, but steampunk:

Steampunk example


Notice how Dieselpunk looks a bit more futuristic than steampunk?  Dieselpunk is often regarded as anythingr appearing as if it were 1940’s onward.  Bioshock is a good example of dieselpunk, as is the movie “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”.


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Steampunk Literature

If you want to get into the Steampunk aesthetic, a good way of doing this is by reading fiction that uses Steampunk themes, in order to get a better feel for how the Steampunk world is like.  I cant stress enough that Steampunk isn’t just a bunch of brass and gears thrown on an object; Steampunk evokes feelings of adventure and inspiration to create.  Some books that use the Steampunk facade:

  • Leviathan  and Behemoth By Scott Westerfield.  Presents World War 1 in a Steampunk alternate history novel series.  A great read.
  • Steampunk- A collection of Steampunk related short stories all in one book.  A great introduction to the Steampunk movement.
  • The time Machine– by H.G. Wells.  While this book isn’t Steampunk directly, it heavily influenced the Steampunk aesthetic.
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen- by Alan Moore.  A steampunk-esque novel that portrays superheroes in a neo-victorian setting.
  • Infernal Devices series- By K.W. Jeter.  A steampunk book series set in Victorian London.
There are others, but these are some great examples of Steampunk literature both now and in the past.

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Steampunk Computer

Steampunk Computer

The detail on this Steampunk computer is amazing.

Lately I’ve just been scrounging around the net to find some cool Steampunk projects to get my thoughts flowing.  There are so many amazing and interesting projects you can find out there, and one that really stood out to me was this one.  It’s a Dell monitor that’s been modded Steampunk style.  It took alot of work and dedication but as you can see, the work payed off for the one who made this.  The step by step of what he did can be found here:


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Welcome to the Steampunk Engine!

This blog is a compendium of Steampunk guides, artwork, literature, and other facets of the Steampunk aesthetic.

But before I can divulge these various contents with you, we must first pose the question for those who are not familiar:

What is “SteamPunk”?

Whether or not a picture, object, or story is considered “Steampunk” is really in the eye of the beholder, but Steampunk is usually defined by depicting

new or modern technology in the past, usually Victorian Era England, and less often 1920’s or prior America.  The technology and way of life is described

as being an alternate reality where, instead of technology evolving using computers and electricity, steam power or clockwork/gears are used instead, hence the brass and copper, gear and bolt filled environment we think of as “Steampunk”.

In my opinion, the Steampunk movement depicts a time where objects were created with art in mind, often using elaborate and elegant ornament on things meant to be used frequently, rather than the way modern manufacturers emphasize sleek, minimalistic designs where it is better to have less showing on the outside.

No matter what you consider “Steampunk”, this blog will have how-to guides, cool pictures, and any other interesting things I can find.

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